ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister has once again thanked Overseas Pakistanis for their tremendous acceptance of Roshan Digital Accounts.

According to details, in a statement released on the social networking website Twitter, the Prime Minister said that once again, I am grateful to the Pakistanis living overseas, who are our great assets, from the money sent by them to Roshan Digital Account through the Central Bank More than two hundred million dollars.

The Prime Minister said in his tweet that remittances from abroad have been steadily rising, with the first 100 million dollars arriving in Pakistan in 76 days while the next 100 million dollars in just 28 days.

State Bank Declaration

On the other hand, a statement issued by the SBP on Twitter said that remittances to bright digital accounts have increased significantly and remittances have exceeded 20 200 million.

According to a tweet from the central bank, 59,700 accounts were opened in the three months following the launch of Roshan Digital Accounts, Pakistanis in 91 countries opened Roshan Digital Accounts, and the current 10 100 million was raised in just 28 days.

It may be recalled that the Roshan Digital Accounts program was inaugurated by the Prime Minister on September 10. Now Overseas Pakistanis have the facility to open their accounts in 8 major banks of Pakistan while living in any country.

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