ISLAMABAD: Addressing the Pakistan-Afghanistan Transit Trade Coordination Authority meeting, Abdul Razzaq Daud said that he wanted connectivity with Afghanistan in every possible way.

These views were expressed by Federal Trade Adviser Abdul Razzaq Daud while addressing a three-day meeting of the Transit Trade Authority. Have access

Abdul Razzaq Daud said that the Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan is also coming tomorrow, positive steps are being taken for regional connectivity, our strength has decreased but it has been recovering for two months.

Addressing the ceremony, Afghan Minister for Commerce Nisar Ahmad said that he was grateful to Pakistan for the Transit Trade Authority meeting, adding that Ashraf Ghani thinks Pakistanis should invest in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Minister of Commerce said that we want to follow the rules of the World Trade Organization, access to the South Asian market through Pakistan, and resolve the issues for transit trade.

Afghan Commerce Minister Nisar Ahmad said the two countries must seize opportunities for a better future.

He said that he was grateful to Prime Minister Imran Khan that many issues were resolved and some critical issues were yet to be resolved.

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