Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie, 45, has seized evidence of child abuse by her ex-husband Brad Pitt, 54, and is now ready to testify in court.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had been in a relationship without marriage for 10 years, after which they were married in 2014 but separated two years later.

Anjelina Jolie claims proofs of voilence against Brad Pitt

The two parted ways in 2016 when Angelina Jolie claimed that Brad Pitt had attacked their eldest son, 19-year-old Maddox, on a plane.

Following the incident, Angelina Jolie separated from Brad Pitt and filed for divorce, and a California court ruled in April 2019 that the couple were declared “unmarried.”

Although they have not yet been formally divorced, they have been declared “divorced” by the court to start a new life, but their divorce has not yet been formally settled.

The issue of their divorce is pending because of the custody of their six adopted children, as Angelina Jolie wants all the children to be handed over to her while Brad Pitt demands that the children should be raised together.

Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with adopted Children
The couple had adopted six children before their marriage; PC: Twitter

The couple’s divorce case is also pending due to a lack of reconciliation between the two regarding child custody, but now Angelina Jolie has asked the court to resolve the same issue as she has evidence from which Prove that Brad Pitt has been abusing children.

According to Fox News, Angelina Jolie submitted documents to the court on March 12 that she and her children were ready to testify against Brad Pitt.

The actress said in documents submitted to the court that she and her children had obtained evidence to prove that Brad Pitt had been abusing children.

However, the actress did not specify in the documents what kind of evidence she had.

The court did not immediately issue any directions on Angelina Jolie’s documents, but it is believed that a hearing will be held soon after the documents are submitted by Angelina Jolie.

Remember that the children that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are arguing with are not their physical children, but both have adopted all six children.

The eldest of their children, Maddox, is 19 years old, the other is Pax, 17, Zahra is 16, Shaluh is 14, and the twins, Knox and Wayne, are 12.

Anjelina Jolie with her adopted Children

The children adopted by both are from poor and African countries.


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