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Another actress spoke in favor of Indian farmers

New Delhi: Another actress has backed the two-month-long farmers’ protest in India, with most artists remaining neutral on the issue.

According to Indian media, 26-year-old Indian actress and supermodel Arushi Rotila, while supporting the farmers’ protest, said that farmers are the backbone of our country and are fighting for their rights.

“I support the farmers because they are fighting for their rights,” Arushi Rotila said during a visit to Shimla.

Earlier, world-renowned American singer Rehana had backed a farmers’ protest in India when several Bollywood actors rolled up their sleeves and retaliated. They termed the farmers’ protest as a drama and a conspiracy.

This attitude of Bollywood actors was also criticized by the Indian people themselves and they had said that these actors were being paid by the Modi government in return for which they were campaigning in favor of the government.

Some actors, including Salman Khan, remained neutral on the issue and seemed to want the situation to go in the right direction.


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