Karnataka: Another film actress has died in India. Jay Shri Ramaya’s body was recovered from his house. According to the police, the actress has committed suicide.

In this regard, the police said that the body of film actress J. Shri Ramaya from the southern Indian state of Karnataka was found at home after receiving information.

According to an Indian media report, the police said that the Bigg Boss Canadian contingent was found hanging from a trap in his house in Bangalore.

Police have sent the actress’s body to a hospital for an autopsy, while further investigations are underway to determine the cause of death.

Indian Actress Jay Shri Ramaya found dead

The deceased actress recently took part in Bigg Boss Season 3, which was aired in the Canadian language, after which her fame increased.

It should be noted that India, which has the status of the world’s largest film industry, where new and beautiful faces start their careers on the screen every day.

In India’s showbiz and TV industry, the tendency of actors to commit suicide is also higher than in other countries.

The rising suicide rate among TV and showbiz people in India can be gauged from the suicide of 5 actors in 16 weeks.

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