Famous singer Atif Aslam shared a photo with his wife Sara Bharwana on the occasion of his 8th wedding anniversary and sent a loving message to her.

Atif Aslam praised Sara Bharwana while sharing her photos on Instagram yesterday.

Atif Aslam wishes 8th wedding anniversary to wife
Atif Aslam was married to Sara Bharwana on March 28, 2013 | PC: Instagram

In his post, he called his wife a queen and wrote, “I am still happy that I met you, otherwise I don’t know who to marry.”

Atif Aslam further wrote that “Mashallah you are the strongest person I know and I can’t thank you enough for giving me my munchkins“.

“We love you, happy wedding anniversary,” he added.

It may be recalled that Atif Aslam was married to Sara Bharwana on March 28, 2013, and they have two children.

After the marriage, he said in a post, “Allah has blessed me with the best partner, I pray you all to pray for us.”

Recently, Atif Aslam spoke about his life in an interview with Canadian-born Arab anchor Anas Bakhsh.

He had said that he saw fame at an early age and fame makes a person arrogant but he learned to be thankful with arrogance.

He recalled the bitterest incident of his life, saying that a few years ago when he went to a music concert in Turkey and half an hour before performing on stage, his wife called and told him that the baby’s heart is not beating.

According to the singer, after his wife’s phone call, he went on stage and performed for two and a half hours and the people in the concert kept swinging and drinking.
But they kept thinking, how helpless is man?

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