Pakistan showbiz industry senior actress Bushra Ansari explained the reason for the divorce.

According to the details, well-known actress, Bushra Ansari explained the reason for ending her 36-year marriage in a web show for the first time. It may be recalled that Bushra Ansari was married to producer Iqbal Ansari in 1978 and they have two daughters Nariman Ansari and Meera Ansari.

Last year, she divorced Iqbal Ansari. After which the news came out that she has got married to actor and director Iqbal Hussain for the second time. However, she seems to be mostly silent about her private life.

In an interview with actress and host Meira Sethi during a web show, Bushra Ansari said that she divorced her husband Iqbal Ansari last year. She said the decision to divorce her husband after 36 years of marriage was her own.

During the interview, Bushra Ansari spoke about her divorce and the circumstances that forced her to make the biggest decision of her life.

The actress said that the solution to get out of the bad times of life is ‘divorce’. I decided to divorce my husband after 36 years of my marriage because I had the right to divorce.

My father did this for me so that my daughter could divorce him whenever she wanted.

The actress said that she is not the woman who got divorced, but she divorced her husband. In her interview, the actress said that by the time we realized that there were many problems in our lives and we could not live together, it was too late because the children had started going to school.

She stated that whenever she was in trouble, she assumed it is a difficult time, or it’d be after the divorce by having two daughters with me, and if I these problems remain the same in the future, it would be better to live this life, and thus we have lived like this for 36 years.

It should be noted that Bushra Ansari said that when my daughters got married and had children, it seemed that it was time to give relief to each other, although this is not the case nowadays.

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