British Queen

British Channel 4 has released a video in which the Queen of Great Britain gives her video message, in which she is discussing many controversial topics while she is also seen dancing.

British Channel 4 announced yesterday that it would present an alternative message to the British Queen at Christmas this year, which has been digitally produced.

Now the video has been released on the eve of Christmas. In this video, actress Debra Stephenson is seen imitating the Queen, who was made to look exactly like the Queen with the help of Deep Fake software.

According to Channel 4, the purpose of making this video is to highlight the dangers of this technology, how to spread false and misleading information using anyone’s face, and to attribute any statement to anyone.

In the video, the fake queen is also seen talking about the fact that it is extremely difficult to trust the content that appears on the screens of smartphones, whether it is real or fake.

In the video, the queen’s counterpart is seen saying that instead of watching Netflix during the lockdown, she used to practice dancing on tick talk videos, later she also did her own dance.

At the end of the video, there are some highlights of the actual scene in which the setup of this video can be seen.

The royal palace has refused to comment on the matter.

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