Father Rajesh Khanna prompt having four boyfriends and offered alcohol

Yesterday, Bollywood actress and writer Twinkle Khanna’s 47th birthday was celebrated while her father Rajesh Khanna’s birthday was also celebrated.

However, Twinkle Khanna writes in an article paying tribute to her father on the occasion of Father’s Day this year. My father used to call me Tina Baba but at that time I did not realize how my upbringing was different from other girls around me.

In the same article, Twinkle Khanna revealed that when she started dating, she used to share her thoughts with her father.

The actress writes that Baba told me never to have one boyfriend at a time but to have 4 boyfriends at a time, this way your heart will never be broken.

Later in the same article, Twinkle Khanna describes her strong friendship with her father, adding that it was her father Rajesh Khanna who first offered her a drink.

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