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Ghana Ali breaks silence over allegations of marrying with old rich man

Ghana Ali married to a rich man
According to reports, Ghana Ali's husband is already the father of a child. PC: Facebook

Actress Ghana Ali, who tied the knot four days ago, has responded to critics by sharing several stories on Instagram following rumors of tying the knot with a married millionaire.

Ghana Ali shared a photo of herself in a wedding dress on Instagram and Facebook on May 16 and told fans about the beginning of a ‘new life’, soon after which other photos of her wedding went viral.

Ghana Ali married to a rich man
According to reports, Ghana Ali’s husband is already the father of a child. PC: Facebook

Following the photos of Ghana Ali with her husband on social media, it was also claimed that the actress had tied the knot with a married rich man.

News on various social media pages and showbiz websites, based on the posts of people commenting on social media, said that Ghana Ali had married a rich man in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province.

Showbiz website ReviewIt, citing social media posts in its report, said that Ghana Ali married a rich man named Umair from Karachi, who is already married and has a child.

The report also included photos of Ghana Ali’s husband with his alleged first wife and child.

Pro Pakistani also referred to the posts of social media users in its report and said that the actress is being accused of marrying in the lure of money to a rich man who has already married.

Numerous showbiz social media pages and users also claimed in their posts that Ghana Ali married rich man Umair for money, who is already married and has a child.

At the same time, after the photos went viral, her husband was criticized for being overweight and many users called the actress’ husband ‘overage and overweight’.

After criticizing her husband’s weight and age, although Ghana Ali replied to a user that he should call the actress Aunty but don’t talk about her husband, at the same time the actress also requested the user to give respect to her husband.

However, the actress did not respond to the news of getting married for the sake of money and remarrying the child’s father. However, she shared viral photos of the wedding with her husband but did not introduce her husband.

In response to allegations of marrying a married man for the sake of money, Ghana Ali shared several Instagram stories, in which she shared posts from various actresses and social media pages in support of the actress.

The actress shared a story in which she was supported.

Critics were told in the post that “it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, whether it is the first marriage or the second, thick or thin, couples are formed in the heavens”.

Similarly, Ghana Ali also shared a post in support of actress and model Alyzeh Gabol

Alyzeh Gabol also gave a scathing reply to the critics of Ghana Ali for marrying a married rich man and wrote that the world is not happy under any circumstances.

Ghana Ali also shared several other posts in her support, which show that the actress does not care about the rumors spread about her marriage and she does not want to talk about false claims.

Ghana Ali shared a statement on May 19 after self-criticism, saying that “a foolish woman enslaves her husband and lives as a slave’s wife”.

The statement shared by her further said that “a wise woman makes her husband king and lives as the king’s wife”.

The actress shared the post and blocked her comments on Instagram, while people made sarcastic comments on her Facebook post and asked her what she thought she would do to her husband now.

However, Ghana Ali did not respond to self-criticism.


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