Singer and actress Hadiqa Kiani has expressed happiness over Sindh High Court’s decision to issue ID Cards to children of a single mother without father’s information.

Posting on Instagram on November 23, Hadiqa Kiani said that only mothers and only fathers can understand the significance of the judgment.

Hadiqa Kiani with son
Hadiqa Kiani has adopted her son; file photo: Instagram

She termed the decision of the Sindh High Court as historic and wrote that today Pakistan has taken a step forward.

Hadiqa Kiani wrote that the Sindh High Court’s decision reminded her of the interview she gave to Samina Pirzada and at the same time she thanked all the men and women who fought the legal battle in the court for the children who do not have a father should be issued an identity card only on the information of the mother.

The Sindh High Court on November 21 ruled in the case of a disabled girl in Karachi and directed the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) that children raised by a single parent should have their male or female guardians. Identity cards should be issued to them only on the information of their male or female guardian.

The court clearly directed that identity cards be issued to children on the information of their mothers or guardians

Earlier, ID cards were issued to any child in NADRA on the information of their father or male guardian.

Hadiqa Kiani has adopted a son Naaday Ali who is now 16 years old and the singer in an interview with Samina Pirzada in 2018 talked about the difficulties of not releasing her legal documents after adopting her son.

Hadiqa Kiani had told Samina Pirzada that she had adopted her son, but she had remarried an Afghan-born British businessman just to get her son’s legal documents.

The singer said that she had told her second husband before marriage that she wanted to adopt her son and that she would have to be his guardian.

Hadiqa Kiani had complained in the said interview that NADRA was not issuing legal documents to her adopted son under her patronage.

In the said interview, Hadiqa Kayani also spoke openly about her personal life and said that her first marriage also ended in divorce, and before the second marriage she adopted the child and she expected the second marriage to be successful but it did not happen.

Hadiqa Kiani had said that her mother became paralyzed a few months after her second marriage and she had to stay in Pakistan to take care of her. As her second husband was a British businessman of Afghan origin, she could not go and soon her second divorce took place.

In October 2018, Hadiqa Kiani had also sharply criticized people through Instagram posts who continue to taunt women when they are divorced or offer marriage to them considering them as lonely.

The singer had said in Instagram posts that many people are offering her marriage but she is being ridiculed that she has a son, whom she will need a male partner to raise.

Hadiqa Kiani had expressed anger over those who offered marriage and said that such people should not make fun of women by making excuses, women can raise children alone.

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