KARACHI: Leading Pakistani actress Haniya Aamir has lashed out at the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, saying in a post that Wikipedia had mistyped her date of birth.

Leading actress Haniya Aamir said in a video on social networking site Instagram that she wanted to make a short announcement to ladies and gentlemen, my birthday is on February 12 and not on the 11th.

Haniya said that Wikipedia has written my date of birth incorrectly, one day Allah Almighty will surely ask them.

She said that no one should talk about her birthday on February 11 or try to spoil her surprise otherwise she would be very upset.

She later posted photos of his birthday on Instagram.

It may be recalled that Haniya Aamir was born on February 12, 1997, but her date of birth was written on Wikipedia on February 11, after Haniya’s complaint it has now been corrected.

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