American actor, writer, producer, and comedian Alexander Roy Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin have been criticized for posting the birth of their sixth child on Instagram.

Recently, American author and yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin shared a photo of her family on Instagram and wrote the number “7” in the caption, which means she probably had six children and the seventh was herself.

Hollywood actor Alexander Roy Baldwin

Hilaria knew that people would make inappropriate comments on her post, so she blocked the comments. However, her husband, Alexander Baldwin, shared the post on his account and left the comments open, after which people did what they were afraid of.

Fans were surprised that Hilaria gave birth to a baby 6 months ago and how is it possible that she gave birth to a baby again in 6 months.

One user commented on the photo, asking, “Who is the baby’s mother?” She was not pregnant, she gave birth six months ago.

Hilaria’s husband became furious and advised the user to mind his own buisness and keep his mouth shut.

The couple did not provide details about the newborn or his name.

Hilaria and Alexander Baldwin were married in 2012 and already have five children, including 7-year-old Carmen, 5-year-old Raphael, 4-year-old Leonardo, 2-year-old Romeo, and 6-month-old Eduardo.

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