LAHORE: Young Pakistani singer Bilal Saeed, while explaining on the viral video of the quarrel, said that he knows how a woman is respected and protected.

It may be recalled that a video of an argument between two youths and a woman went viral on the internet a day ago, in which a man was beating a woman and a man standing next to her.

According to the details, the perpetrator was none other than singer Bilal Saeed who tortured his brother and sister-in-law in the presence of the Dolphin Force.

This incident is not of yesterday but it is being said that a few days ago it took place within the limits of Sundar police station in Lahore. According to Dolphin Police, the incident took place on January 8. A man (brother) named Raza Saeed informed the helpline that Bilal Saeed was torturing both of them, including his wife.

A Dolphin police spokesman said the team arrived at the scene after receiving the call. Bilal Saeed left the house and slapped his brother and got into an argument with his brother and sister-in-law. According to the police, the dolphin team tried to settle the dispute between the parties and then transferred the parties to Sundar police station.

Police say no case was registered in the incident after the matter was later settled between the two brothers.

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Now, the singer has given an explanation on his viral video in which he confirmed that the person who raised his hand against the woman was none other than himself.

Hours after the incident, Bilal Saeed shared a video on his Facebook page in which his belongings were seen scattered and broken.

At the same time, he wrote, “It’s a glimpse of what I’ve endured. I’ve always kept quiet about it because that’s what makes an artist beautiful, but they’ve taken advantage of my silence.”

Bilal Saeed wrote, “People should know that being famous is not an honor, but in fact sometimes it can be the cause of a problem. Violence, whether against a man or a woman, is wrong in both cases.”

“I did my best to protect my loved ones because protecting my loved ones is my right,” he explained.

Bilal Saeed wrote that he is not proud of this quarrel but I am a human being who has been enduring this situation for many years and this time I lost my patience. He also apologized to the fans and said that he was not in favor of supporting or promoting violence.

“I know how to respect and protect a woman. I raised my hand against her only to save my family,” he explained. These people have been blackmailing me for a long time. “

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