Imran Ashraf, the most popular actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry, has released a message of love for his wife.

Actor Imran Ashraf posted photos of his wife on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram in which his wife was seen in 3 different guises.

Imran Ashraf wrote in the caption of the posted photo that “I told Imran that everyone says I am too fat” to which he replied “no”.

“I told my husband that people say I’m too fat, but he replied no,” she said.

The actor’s wife said, “After all this, Imran told me that you were lovely and will always be.”

In response to the actor, his wife Kiran Imran said, “Just give confidence to your loved ones and then see how strong and happy they are.”

Remember that Imran Ashraf and Kiran Imran were married in 2018. It should be noted that actor Imran Ashraf had a son last year named Roham Ashraf.

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