New York: An American woman converted to Islam after being inspired by the character of Ibn al-Arabi in the famous Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi about the Ottoman Empire.

According to Turkish media reports, a 60-year-old woman from the US state of Wisconsin began watching Ertugrul Ghazi last year, in which she was so impressed with Ibn al-Arabi’s character that she began to study Islamic teachings.

The woman kept her name Khadija while announcing her conversion to Islam. She said that she was greatly impressed by Ibn al-Arabi’s messages in Ertugrul Ghazi, after which her thinking began to change.

Khadija said that she was so attached to history that her attention was drawn to this Turkish drama and that was why she started studying the Quran to learn about Islam.

Khadija’s post-conversion statement, photo courtesy Turkish media

She said that after watching the drama, I read the translation of the Holy Quran in English many times and tried to understand its philosophy, after which it came to my mind that the Quran itself teaches unity.

She said that after watching the drama and reading the translation of the Qur’an, the way of thinking of life changed and she got an opportunity to know the truth and falsehood. Khadija expressed her desire to move to Turkey. She said she loves Turkish food and tries to make it at home.

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