Leading actress Saba Qamar has become the center of attention of social media users these days due to her beach photoshoot and marriage offer in the comments on her photos.

A few days ago, Saba Qamar shared a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote in the caption of this post, “If it means to be, it will be.”

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Azeem Khan commented on this post of Saba Qamar, ‘Let’s get married? this year’.

Saba Qamar gave an unexpected response to Azeem Khan’s comment which surprised the fans.

Actress Saba Qamar wrote ‘Qabul hai’ on Azeem Khan’s comment about marriage this year.

Saba Qamar’s response to the comment has left social media users confused as to whether she is really getting married or not, as she appeared last year with singer Bilal Saeed in the song ‘Qabul Hai’.

Initially, after seeing the pictures of her song, the fans still thought that she was getting married, but later they came to know that it was just a song.

Regarding whether Saba Qamar is getting married or not, a report in the Express Tribune said that the actress has confirmed that she is getting married. ‘

“Yes, I have found the person I would like to live with. If all goes well, I will get married soon,” she said.

“It’s weird for someone like me who has always discouraged relationships and spoken out against marriage, but there was someone here who could convince me,” said Saba Qamar.

According to the report, actress Saba Qamar said that the person she is going to marry is Azeem Khan who commented on her post.

She said that Azeem Khan is a successful Pakistani-born Australian entrepreneur from Karachi and currently resides in Sydney.

Saba Qamar did not give her wedding date or other details and said that she knew it was a bit sudden but she wanted her fans and followers to pray for a better life for her.

It may be recalled that in the videos released on her YouTube channel last year, Saba Qamar had also talked about marriage and her views in this regard.

In another video released on her YouTube channel, the actress had revealed that she had been in a relationship with someone for 8 years, but the relationship ended badly.

“From a very young age, girls are taught that even if they die, they will never leave the first man in their life, that one sentence ruined my 8 years of life,” she said.

According to Saba Qamar, she was mistreated and later left for another woman.

She later spoke about marriage in a video titled ‘Break the Stereotype’ on her YouTube channel.

“The problem is that in our society there are two types of relatives, one is the Conservatives and the other is the Liberals, but both need a maid as a daughter-in-law, if she is literate, she should work outside, if she is illiterate, she should do housework,” she said.

Saba Qamar had given a message in the video that stereotypes should be abolished and business should be denied in the name of marriage.


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