Famous Indian comedian Kapil Sharma was seen on a wheelchair at the Mumbai airport yesterday and was walking out of the airport on a wheelchair. He also had a clash with media reporters and photographers.

Fans were worried after photos and videos of the couple in a wheelchair went viral, but now she has explained it herself.

Kapil Sharma on Wheel chair
PC: Social Media

Read: Famous Indian Comedian Kapil Sharma spotted on a wheelchair

Why did comedian Kapil Sharma come on a wheelchair?

Kapil Sharma has explained the reason for coming on a wheelchair.

Talking to Indian media, Kapil said that he was fine and had a back injury while exercising in the gym which will heal in a few days. He also thanked the fans for their concern.

Remember that Kapil Sharma is one of the famous comedians of India and he is also the host of the famous TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The TV show is currently off the air.

Recently Kapil Sharma and his wife have given birth to their second child.

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