In order to look beautiful, people undergo various medical procedures as well as cosmetic surgeries at the risk of their lives.

Someone loves to enlarge their natural lips, someone wants to beautify their face, but the woman we are going to introduce to you today is known as the woman with the biggest cheeks in the world.

biggest cheeks in the world
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Anastasia, a 32-year-old model from Ukraine, has undergone several surgeries in the last six years to completely change her natural appearance.

In order to look unique, Anastasia enlarged her lips and cheeks through surgeries and says that she does not even remember how many cosmetic procedures I have had so far.

If you talk about the natural form of Anastasia, you will hardly recognize her, at the age of 26 she was no less than a beautiful girl.

While Anastasia, a 32-year-old model, has thousands of followers on social media, she has also been criticized by several users for changing her appearance.

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