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Mikaal Zulfiqar broke the silence on his second marriage

Mekail Zulfiqar spoke about his second marriage
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Leading actor Mikaal Zulfiqar has spoken openly about his second marriage for the first time in three years after the divorce and has told when he will get married again.

Mikal Zulfiqar participated in ARY’s morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, where he spoke openly about his personal life and career.

Mikaal Zulfiqar spoke about his second marriage
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Mikaal Zulfiqar said that his mother was from the British state of England, due to which his complexion is very fair and he looks like the Britains.

He said that his other siblings are different in color from him and they look a bit Pakistani and Asian.

He admitted that because of his fair complexion he felt unfit for many roles but such a complaint was never made by any director, producer, co-star, or fan, but sometimes he personally felt that It would have been better if he had been replaced by someone else for such and such a role.

According to Mikaal Zulfiqar, since he was also educated in England, he had difficulty in speaking and understanding Urdu at the beginning of his career, but now he has command over Urdu.

He gave an example that in Britain or the West love is recognized by only one word (love) but in the Urdu language and in Pakistan it has levels, such as ‘Mohabbat’ after love then ‘Ishq’ and then ‘Janoon’, but in English, it is only called ‘Love’.

In response to a question about divorce, he clarified that sometimes other people think that there are good relations between such and such people but in reality, their relationship does not improve.

He declined to elaborate on the issue of divorce and thanked the daughters for their support.

Mikal Zulfiqar said that his eldest daughter is 9 years old while his youngest daughter is 7 years old and they are very close to him and they spend time with him as children.

In response to a question, Mikal Zulfiqar said that it is not his fault that he has relations with more than one woman in dramas, it is the work of playwriters and directors.

Asked about his second marriage after the divorce, Mikaal Zulfiqar said he had not thought about remarriage at the moment and had other priorities in his life at the moment.

He said that although some girls may have expressed their desire to marry him, it is not his priority to get married at present.

Mikaal Zulfiqar said that however, if it is written in destiny, then when they have to get married, they will do it.

The actor said that since he has children now, whatever decision he had to make in the future, he would make a thoughtful decision keeping them in mind.

In the long-running program, Mikaal Zulfiqar talked about the world of showbiz, including talking about his salon, and said that he has learned a lot since he came to showbiz and the process of learning is underway.

It is believed that Mikaal Zulfiqar was married to Sara Bhatti in 2012, but the two were divorced in 2017.


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