Host Nida Yasir and her husband, producer Yasir Nawaz, are under fire these days after their recent photos went viral.

Recently, Nida Yasir attended a private function with her husband Yasir Nawaz, and a photo was taken during the occasion drew criticism from social media users.

Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir
PC: Social Media

At the ceremony, Nida Yasir was seen wearing socks with celluloid dress while Yasir Nawaz was seen with shorts on the dress shirt. Yasir and Nida are being criticized for their unusual dressing.

Criticizing the popular couple, a user called Nida and Yasir Uncle Aunty 2021 models.

A user named Muhammad Abu Bakr once again reminded the parry girl on this occasion and commented that “burgers ki parry horahi hai”.

Uncle Aunty 2021
PC: Social Media

One user called Nida and Yasir the worst dressing couple, while another called it a pair of cartoons.

On the other hand, along with Nida and Yasir, actor and host Ahsan Khan, Ayesha Omar, and Mansha Pasha also participated in the event.

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