Mumbai: The daughter of a rickshaw driver from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has declared second in the beauty pageant.

According to Indian media reports, 19-year-old Manya Singh from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh competed in the beauty pageant ‘Femina Miss India 2020’.

The competition was held in Mumbai in which 23-year-old Mansi Varanasi was declared the winner while Manya Singh was declared the second winner of the competition.

Interestingly, the names of the first three beauties in the competition start with the word ‘M’. The winner of the competition was Mansa Varanasi while Manya Singh from Haryana and Manika Shivakand from Haryana came second and third respectively.

The winners of the first three places in the beauty pageant belong to the middle or poor class, they had to go through a difficult and arduous path to reach this honor.

According to Indian media reports, Manya Singh’s father is a rickshaw driver while his mother works as a tailor.

After becoming the second winner of the beauty pageant, Mania said, “We should not be disappointed, we should fight our own battle because we can find our own existence.”

Manya Singh’s father Om Prakash said he drives a rickshaw in Mumbai while his wife Manorama Devi runs a tailor’s shop in B-Town.

Manya Singh said that with regard to the beauty pageant, the idea is expressed that poor and middle-class girls cannot participate in it, it is only for the rich, in spite of all these things, Intended and now only one step away.

Manya Singh called his parents on stage after the final of the beauty pageant and paid homage to the services of both of them by placing crowns on their heads.

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