New York: Several days old bodies of an American actor and his mother have been found from his house.

According to US media reports, the bodies of the American actor and his mother were recovered from New York City, both of which were rotting due to getting old.

According to the report the bodies of William Weddell 64, and his mother, Agnes Weddell 95, were found on Saturday in a flat in the Chelsea area of ​​New York City.

According to law enforcement agencies, the door did not open when the health check-up arrived at the actor’s house and there was a strong odor.

Police and law enforcement was notified of the incident, after which the men arrived at the flat and broke down the door.

Law enforcement sources said it appeared that the actor had been living with his dead mother for several days, using a scented mask to remove the stench of the body.

According to the report, the body of the actor’s mother was older and her body was less old. The body of the woman was smelling bad while the body of the actor was smelling less.

The actor’s sister said that her mother had been seriously ill for the past several months while her brother denied this, so she did not even allow her mother to go to the doctor.

Police shifted both the bodies to the hospital for post-mortem. Law enforcement agencies fear that the actor kept his mother’s body at home to hide her death.

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