NEW YORK: Dangerous stunts and action have shocked people around the world with Hollywood actor Tom Cruise’s unique move to save from Corona.

According to the details, Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise has spent a lot of money to buy robots that will review the security arrangements related to Corona on the set of his film and will monitor its implementation.

It should be noted that Tom Cruise is busy shooting his new film ‘Mission Impossible 7’ these days.

The release of the film has been delayed due to the coronavirus, while Tom Cruise recently rained down on a crew member who did not have a social distance due to the coronavirus on the set of the film.

The Hollywood actor had threatened to quit shooting if Corona’s rules were broken again.

It is to be noted that due to the anger of Tom Cruise, 5 members of the set of the film Mission Impossible 7 had left their jobs. Tensions on the set of the film had been going on for several months However, they did not take it seriously and were busy shooting the film.

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