Fake Tom Cruise deceived everyone with the use of computer artificial intelligence.

Using Deepfake technology, Chris ume, a young man from Belgium, glued the face of a Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise to his face, mimicked the sound, and made Mission Impossible possible.

The video, created with the help of Deepfake, turned everyone on its head, with IT experts holding their heads.

Keep in mind that DeepFack is a software that can map the physical features of any person, especially the face, with the help of numerous images, and with the help of this technology, any person can draw a picture of himself or someone else’s face He can also make a video by putting a face and this video feels closer to reality and even people who are ignorant of the technology believe in it.

Chris O’Malley’s followers have grown exponentially since the fake Tom Cruise videos were uploaded to TikTak, but Internet users seem to be divided.

Some people have called this technology dangerous and said that an ordinary boy is fooling people by making videos with such skill, so think what would happen if this work was done on a large scale under the auspices of the government.

Another user said that people have to be made aware of this technology otherwise anyone can use it for their nefarious purposes and provoke people, in the form of a religious figure, in the form of a political leader.

Another user wrote that this technology can cause problems in people’s private lives, a woman’s video can be picked up and edited in questionable condition and shown in the video, while one can pretend to be a doctor and advise people to use anything.

On the other hand, a statement released from the Twitter account called Deep Fake said that the easiest way to know whether the videos of celebrities are real or not is to check whether the video or photo is on their official account. The one with the blue tick in front of it, whether it is issued or not, if not, then it should not be believed.

Deepfake technology was invented by American student E. N. Goodfellow and is currently working for Apple.

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