KARACHI: Actress Mahira Khan has termed senior actress Marina Khan as her first friend in the showbiz industry and said that Marina Khan has a big hand in her success.

Mahira Khan has written an emotional message for Marina Khan on her social networking site Instagram on her birthday. “For the world, Marina Khan is the sweetest woman in Pakistan, but for me, Marina is my first friend in this industry,” wrote Mahira Khan.

Mahra Khan wrote that Marina Khan and her husband were the first people to make me feel in the industry and welcome me. Unconsciously, Marina Khan and her husband have a big hand in everything I am today. The way I carry myself, and the way I treat my juniors and seniors. The way I try to handle my successes and failures. It’s all because of the days I spent at Marina Khan’s house.

Marina Khan’s house is always open to everyone. Where I met a lot of extraordinary people. I will always be grateful that you are both in my life. Finally, Mahira Khan congratulated Marina Khan on her birthday.

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