Kangana Ranaut, an Indian actress who has been in the news for her controversial statements, is one of the two simple girls in the picture.

Kangana shared a photo on social media platform Instagram showing the actress and her sister in plain clothes.

Kangana Ranaut
PC: Instagram/Kangana Ranaut

The caption of the photo by the actress states that the month of my birthday has started. I heard stories from my grandmother that the birth of another daughter in the presence of one daughter disappointed everyone but she was not happy about it. It didn’t matter that I was very beautiful and getting married would not be a big burden.

Kangana further wrote in her post that everyone was laughing at this story and this incident broke my heart every time.

The actress also wrote in her post that there is a fact in the studies, researches, and books of world history that extraordinary people who have achieved immense success, performed unparalleled feats, these were the same people who were rejected, which societies and families do not value, so obstacles and difficulties mean.

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