Hamza Ali Abbasi and Neemal Khawar are a couple of Pakistan Showbiz whose simplicity of marriage is still very much remembered by the people. Now recently Neemal’s younger sister Fiza Khawar got married in Islamabad with the participation of various important personalities.

Hamza Ali Abbasi only attended the Barat while neither the mothers nor the henna. Neemal Khawar won the hearts of the people with his dance in both these events.

Due to the non-attendance of actor Hamza Ali in these two wedding ceremonies, there was a lot of talk among the people that there was no fight between the two. But according to sources, there are two reasons for his non-attendance. First, Hamza Ali Abbasi does not like to dance, because he is serious about living according to Islamic principles. The second and important reason is that Hamza was out of the country on the day of these two events for some important work due to which he could not attend.

It should be noted that in the said marriage, the people described Neemal’s sister Fiza Khawar as similar to Madhuri Dixit and Hamza Abbasi’s sister Fazeela Abbasi as Katrina Kaif.

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