We all will have remembered that actor Ranbir Kapoor was seen playing a brief role at the end of Aamir Khan’s super hit film ‘PK’.

According to Indian media reports, now in the sequel of the super hit film ‘PK’, actor Ranbir Kapoor will continue the story and show the essence of acting.

PK producer Vadhu Vinod Chopra says that he will make a sequel to the film PK in a good time, Ranbir Kapoor’s short role was shown at the end of the film and now Ranbir will take the story of the film forward.

He said that Abhijeet Joshi has not written the story of the film yet and only when he writes the story will it become a sequel to the film.

It may be recalled that the film PK was directed by Raj Kumar Hirani while actor Aamir Khan and actress Anushka Sharma played the lead roles.

Actors Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjay Dutt, and Bowman Irani also showed the essence of acting in the film PK.

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