It has been said that people affected with one type of coronaviruses can’t be affected by its new type, however, the new research has raised concerns.

A recent study in the United States found that People with weakened immune systems who got sick before the old kind of coronavirus may fall victim to it a second time.

How long can people who recover from covid 19 have immunity to the disease? It’s not clear yet.

Scientists believe that a person is less likely to get covid 19 twice and the severity of the disease is not as high the second time, but recent developments have raised concerns.

During a trial of the experimental Nova Vaccine in South Africa, it was discovered that 2% of people were infected with the new strain discovered there, having previously contracted the first strain of the virus.

In Brazil, too, several cases of illness with a new type for the second time, have been discovered.

A new study from the Ashkenazi School of Medicine in the United States found that 1% of marine recruits fell victim to covid 19 for the second time.

The research was completed before new species were discovered, and the researchers said that the first time the disease did not mean that you were now safe, but that there was a risk of re-infection.

For the second time, people with covid 19 may have mild severity or no symptoms, but they can spread the virus.

That’s why experts are calling vaccination a long-term solution, while urging people to wear face masks, stay away from society and wash their hands often.

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