Children nowadays spend most of their time in front of different screens, one of the disadvantages of which is that children who use touch screens are more at risk of losing their ability to focus.

A recent joint study by the University of London, King’s College London, and the University of Bath found that when children spend more time with touch screen devices, they spend more time at work than children who stay away from the devices. The chances of getting distracted are high.

Experts say the findings show the importance of the time spent on the screen on children’s development, especially during the epidemic of Covid 19, the use of touch screen devices in children has increased.

The study examined the effects of different durations of touch screen devices on 12-month-old infants. The children were examined for two and a half years and were called to the laboratory three times, first for 12 months, then for 18 months, and last for three and a half years.

Each time an eye tracker was used in computer tasks to check the children’s attention.

These tasks placed objects in different parts of the screen to see how fast children see these objects and how much they avoid distractions.

The results showed that children who spend a lot of time on the touch screen see objects very quickly but cannot ignore distractions.

The researchers said that at the moment we are unable to conclude that the use of touch screens affects the ability to focus, because children who lose their focus quickly, the touch screen’s attention-grabbing features are also very Like

“We are continuing our research and trying to find out if children are easily distracted even in the real world,” he said.

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