We all know that people all over the world suffer from depression but it is more prevalent among the youth. That is why suicides due to stress are being reported in different countries.

But now German experts claim in their research that if there are trees near the house, they are very useful for mental health, which also reduces the risk of depression, green environment has a positive effect on human mental health. Therefore, it is important to have trees around the houses.

The study, conducted in Germany, looked at data from 10 people and looked at the condition of the trees around their homes.

Observations have shown that the more trees there are around the house (within 100 meters), the less comfort and medicine use will be seen in the people living there. Even low-income people can experience this positive development.

In general, low-income people are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety and worry about the future, but research has shown that having trees near the home of such people will reduce the risk of depression.

Researchers say that trees near streets and houses are like prescriptions for mental health, trees will not only benefit human health but also reduce environmental problems.

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