Experts say that drugs that provide antibodies to the body are not only effective for people suffering from covid 19 but can also protect people who are protected from it.

According to a new research report published recently, according to the international website, a drug based on a combination of 2 antibodies reduces the risk of hospitalization or death of people infected with covid 19 by 70%.

The 10 volunteers involved in the study died as a result of covid 19 but were given a placebo instead of antibodies.

The trial also tested a combination of antibodies, and the results showed that it was 100 percent successful in preventing symptomatic disease in families with covid 19 patients.

The results of both trials were not published in any medical journal, while the results of Regeneron were based on a quarter of the people in the trial.

Antibodies are proteins that bind to a virus and prevent it from infecting cells but usually occur a few weeks after the disease or vaccination.

These drugs are initially intended to provide doses of one or two antibodies that have been effective against coronavirus in laboratory tests.

More than 2,000 people were included in the regenerative trial and the results released were based on a trial of 409 people.

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