Walking briskly is no less than a superfood for our health, but if you want to make this physical activity a part of your routine, it is best to do it alone.

At least one study has claimed that the habit of walking with your spouse reduces its medical benefits.

Taking a walk with your spouse
This was revealed in a medical study; PC: Shutterstock

A study from the University of Purdue in the United States found that when a couple walks together, their walking speed is much slower than when they walk alone, especially if they are holding each other’s hands.

The study included 72 couples between the ages of 25 and 79, who were asked to walk alone and then together.

The goal was to compare walking alone and walking speed with a spouse, and the researchers found that it is very difficult for couples to walk fast while walking together, especially when holding hands.

In comparison, lonely people walk faster and even if they walk without holding hands with their spouse, their speed is much slower than usual.

Keep in mind that the habit of brisk walking improves heart health, blood pressure and weight loss benefits.

Researchers say that slowing down your pace for another person while walking reduces the medical benefits of this physical activity.

He said that walking speed is as important in the eyes of some scientists as pulse in terms of physical health.

Slow walking indicates a faster aging process in people over the age of 40, while those who take brisk walks at this age tend to have younger brains and bodies.

However, the researchers said that it is better to take a slow walk than not to take a walk.

“To get the most out of this habit, it’s best to go out alone and, if possible, track your walking speed per hour,” he said.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal Gait & Posture.

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