New York: An American doctor shared an X-ray of the lungs of a person infected with coronavirus, which showed the lungs being affected by the virus.

According to The Mirror, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, shared an X-ray of the person affected by the corona.

The photo, shared by British Bank Head, shows three lungs, one healthy, the other a smoker, and the third a corona-infected person.


The lungs of a person infected with coronavirus are more affected than the lungs of a smoker, Brittany said. According to the assistant professor, the coronavirus destroys our lungs, then blood clots in them, and then it becomes difficult to breathe.

Doctors described this X-ray as dangerous and appealed to citizens to take covid 19 seriously and take precautions, while those affected have to strengthen their immune systems so that the respiratory system can be restored.

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