Karachi: Plasma treatment minutes have also been used for patients with Covid 19, but most people are unaware of how it works.

Dr. Shaukat Ali of Dow Medical Hospital participated in a program on a local media channel and spoke about Plasma Treatment.

Dr. Shaukat said that whenever a germ or virus enters our body, our blood plasma makes antibodies against it. In the early days of Covid 19, we started plasma treatment because People were more likely to recover.

“In fact, when a virus attacks our body, the molecules that the immune system produces to fight it are called antibodies,” he added.

According to Dr. Shaukat, some people’s immune systems make antibodies on their own, some can’t because they either develop diabetes or have a weakened immune system. Such people need antibodies.

He said that Dow University collected plasma of different blood groups in an experiment and purified the antibodies in it by extracting unnecessary components from it.

According to him, it was used as a treatment and clinical trials were also conducted, the results of which will be submitted soon.

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