GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified four new symptoms of diabetes, experts say. If these symptoms appear in you, it means that you have diabetes.

According to the international website, the World Diabetes Organization has drawn attention to the 4 symptoms of high blood sugar. ۔

According to the World Diabetes Organization, the first symptom of diabetes is an increased feeling of thirst, a person consciously begins to feel intense thirst, with which his throat also becomes dry and the thirst continues to increase, even if you drink 2 liters of water.

The second symptom is more urination, which also indicates that the body has increased sugar, as the body begins to excrete excess glucose through urine.

The third symptom is fatigue. After a rise in blood sugar, a person feels severe fatigue, which does not end with rest or sleep, but rather increases.

According to experts, when the amount of glucose in the blood does not reach the cells to meet the energy needs of the body, it causes fatigue.

Symptoms of fatigue include numbness of the body, difficulty in performing daily activities, and feeling frustrated or depressed. See a doctor if you experience such symptoms for more than 3 weeks.

The fourth symptom is irritability, which is also a sign of diabetes.

Experts say that diabetes is a complex disease, it has a number of factors that cannot be counted, insulin deficiency is a major cause.

Causes of diabetes include eating disorders, poor and fried foods, or foods that are high in calories.

In addition, diabetes is commonly linked to obesity, high blood pressure, physical activity, and hereditary genetics.

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