Many people promise to lose weight in the first month of the new year, many exercises and recipes are tried for it, today we are going to tell you 7 ways to lose weight.

Weight loss tips

Speaking to a Saudi website, nutritionist Sakina Al-Qazi outlined 7 ways to lose weight, saying that by following these methods, it is possible to lose up to 7 kg in 2 months.

According to Sakina Al-Qazi, spices should be added to foods to lose weight. Spicy foods have many benefits for the body, as they contain capsaicin. It is a substance that reduces the intensity of hunger.

In addition, eating spicy food raises the body temperature, after which the body returns to normal temperature, thus burning extra calories.

When going to the supermarket, try to go only when you need to, and make sure that your cart is full of fruits and vegetables while shopping.

The easiest way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of salt and sugar in your diet. Salt increases the amount of fluid in the body, which makes you feel heavier.

As far as sugar is concerned, everyone is well aware of its harmful effects. Keep it low in beverages and other items. Just be content with the sugar in natural products like sweet fruits etc.

When eating out, keep in mind that you should avoid anything that may cause discomfort, such as watching TV while eating. In addition, the dark walls in the dining room also enhance the food.

Choosing lighter colors will indirectly help reduce appetite. Using light-colored plates can also reduce food intake.

Adhere to meal times, if a person is accustomed to having breakfast at 8 in the morning and one day he will not be able to, he will feel unbearable hunger. This is because his body is accustomed to releasing hunger hormones at this particular time. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to meal times.

The last meal of the day should be before 8 pm because after that the body needs rest.

Get proper sleep, scientific research confirms the importance of good sleep. Sleep plays an important role in regulating and controlling hormones, especially during the weight loss process. Adults must get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

One study also found that people who do not get enough sleep eat more food the next day, which leads to more body fat.

According to nutritionists, do not hesitate to eat anything and do not think about the calories in it. If you deprive yourself of the food of your choice, you will turn it into greed over time. Always remember that moderation is the key to success.

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