KARACHI: Leading actress Rubina Ashraf said that after suffering from covid 19, she had to face various conditions. After being perfectly fine for 5 days, her condition suddenly deteriorated and she had to be shifted to hospital.

Rubina Ashraf attended a program on a local media channel, with her daughter and described her condition during Covid 19.

Rubina said that even if someone has mild symptoms during covid 19, then they may face various problems, such as one of their loved ones having severe heart problems after recovering from covid 19.

She said that after the test positive, she was fine for 5 days, and then when she was transferred to the ICU, she did not remember anything during that time.

Rubina’s daughter said there was no family reunion after she was admitted to the hospital, after which she received a call from the hospital one night that her mother was having trouble breathing so she was being transferred to the ICU. Rubina said that during this time, her son used to come and sit there. She didn’t remember when he came or what she said to her son.

Rubina’s daughter said that her mother also started having hallucinations and started remembering old things, later life-saving injections were given to improve the condition of her lungs.

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