ISLAMABAD: The Cyber ​​Crime Wing has termed the year 2020 as the most difficult year related to cybercrime and said that the rate of cybercrime has increased five times this year.

According to the details, the Cyber ​​Crime Wing released the report of 2020, which stated that the rate of cybercrime increased five times across the country, during which 94,227 complaints of cybercrime were received from across the country, including defamation of women, sexual harassment, child pornography, Including complaints of financial fraud.

A spokesman for the FIA’s cybercrime wing said a total of 100,000 complaints had been received, of which 9,037 had been resolved and 26 cases against child pornography had been registered and 26 suspects arrested.

Officials said that 661 accused of 22 gangs were arrested and 200,000 electronic devices were recovered, while 22 accused who were cheating in the name of Benazir Income Support Program were arrested and Rs. 4 million was recovered.

Describing the year 2020 as the most difficult year related to cybercrime, the spokesperson said that a special strategy has been adopted for the immediate redressal of grievances and a special wing against child exploitation has started work.

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