ISLAMABAD: A private airline flight from Karachi to Islamabad narrowly escaped an accident. The pilot skillfully landed the plane safely.

In this regard, the sources said that due to the collision of the bird, a crack suddenly appeared on the landing windscreen during the flight of the private airline Sareen Air, causing panic among the passengers on board.

Plan windscreen scratched

The airline management said that one side of the windscreen was affected due to the crack, however, the pilot immediately showed skill and landed the plane safely at the airport.

Airport sources said that the plane was grounded due to a bird strike and the flight from Islamabad to Karachi was canceled.

It should be noted that the PIA plane had also survived a similar accident in December last year. As soon as the plane landed at Lahore Airport, something collided with the engine, which upset its balance. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

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