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A woman confronts fugitive Ishaq Dar

LONDON: PML-N leader and former finance minister Ishaq Dar was bombarded with questions by a woman whose video came to light.

According to the details, the fugitive Ishaq Dar was confronted by a woman in London. The former finance minister kept refraining from answering the questions of the woman.

Ishaq Dar didn’t even bother to stop, he just said that it is not appropriate.

The former finance minister left after which his employee had a bitter argument with his wife. After the altercation, Ishaq Dar’s son came to the field to defend himself and the woman took both father and son by surprise.

The woman said that you people have looted our country and you have to answer for it.

Ishaq Dar’s son said that you are slandering people, to which the woman said, “Yes, I am slandering you. You are also disgraced in this world and in the Hereafter you will be disgraced.”

The woman said that be ashamed, fear Allah, save Nawaz Sharif in the world, how will you save yourself and Nawaz Sharif in Allah’s house?


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