RAWALPINDI: DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar has said that the escape of Ehsanullah Ehsan was a very serious matter and action has been initiated against the soldiers responsible for the escape.

In an interview with foreign media, the spokesman of the Pakistan Armed Forces said that efforts are underway to re-arrest Ehsanullah Ehsan and the media will be informed soon about the action taken against the fleeing military personnel.


The DG ISPR told the BBC in an interview that the issue of missing persons was close to being resolved, the commission on missing persons had made great strides, the commission had more than 6,000 cases, 4,000 have been resolved.

Babar Iftikhar said that a few people were arrested in connection with the killing of 11 Hazara miners. These are very important arrests. The Twitter account from which Malala was threatened was fake.

He said that the organized extremist organizations in the tribal areas had been eliminated long ago, now the extremist organizations do not have the capability to carry out major attacks in the area, adding that one or two incidents of violence have been reported in these areas, Security agencies have launched offensive operations against remaining extremists.

The DG ISPR said that the recently reported incidents of violence are a reaction to these operations. Whenever you go after extremists, there is a backlash, the forces are also harmed and the violence in general. In the past few days, the attack on women’s car was a link in the same chain, now there is no organized group left in the area, petty extremists with different names will soon be completely eliminated.

Major General Babar Iftikhar further said that India is helping anti-Pakistan extremists, it is also known to Afghan intelligence, extremists in Pakistan are being supported by Afghanistan, India is providing these organizations with arms and new technology. It is not uncommon for all these operations to be in the knowledge of Afghan intelligence.

He said that the policy of the Pakistani government is to extend the hand of peace to the neighbors. The Army Chief also spoke in a recent statement to extend the hand of peace. Extending the hand of peace does not mean that Pakistan is not aware of the dangers on the eastern border. We have our eye on all the military movements of India, Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan at all costs, Pakistan has done what it could for peace.

Babar Iftikhar said that Pakistan used its influence on the Taliban as much as possible, as evidenced by the fact that even Afghan leaders are now giving evidence that it is important to ensure that no vacuum is created in Afghanistan. Now Afghanistan is not in the 90s so that the state structure collapses easily, now Pakistan has also changed, it is not possible for the Taliban to retake Kabul and for Pakistan to support it.

He said that the issue of erecting a fence on the Iranian border has been resolved mutually. The Army Chief during his visit to Iran removed Iran’s reservations on the border fence. Pakistan has good military relations with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan has training centers in Saudi Arabia, but they have nothing to do with the Yemen conflict.

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