Jacobabad: The killing of women in the name of honor could not be stopped in Sindh, another girl has fallen victim to this ignorant ritual.

According to police sources, two persons including a woman were killed in the name of honor within the limits of Miran police station. The accused managed to escape after the incident.

Police sources said that the shooter was the uncle of the victim, who shot his niece and a young man in the name of honor, as a result of which both were killed on the spot.

After the incident, the police rushed to the spot, shifted the bodies to the hospital for post-mortem examination, and launched search operations for the accused.

The killing of women in the name of honor is nothing new in Sindh. Last month, a 17-year-old girl was killed in the name of honor at the Sui gas stop in Nawabshah. Police arrested two people involved in the incident.

The police investigation revealed that the girl’s father and brother were involved in the murder, who killed the girl in the name of honor.

Earlier, in November last year, a brother had killed his sister in the name of honor in the Zaman Town area of ​​Karachi. Police arrested the accused in a timely manner.

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