ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that anti-Pakistan propaganda agencies should be exposed, adding that the propaganda elements sitting in Pakistan must be stopped before external elements.

According to the details, a meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s House on the hybrid war of anti-Pakistan forces in which a briefing was given on the activities of NGOs and institutions that have tarnished Pakistan’s image.

The Prime Minister was informed that efforts were being made against Pakistan under the guise of Islamophobia, terrorism, and human rights.

Imran Khan was briefed that NGOs and organizations are engaged in propaganda on the issues of women’s and minority rights. According to sources, the Prime Minister was also shown evidence of funding of some organizations and NGOs.

Sources said that action was recommended to the Prime Minister by identifying foreign funding agencies and NGOs.

The Prime Minister ordered action within 48 hours against the foreign-funded propagandists. Imran Khan directed that the registration of such NGOs and institutions be canceled.

Imran Khan said that we have to fix our country and rid it of enemy elements, the application for registration of propaganda agencies should not be accepted.

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