KARACHI: Arrested main accused Salman confessed to the murder after abducting 12-year-old Shahid, officials said, adding that Shahid was abducted from Saeedabad and killed the child for fear of being identified.

According to details, the main accused Salman, who was arrested in Karachi on the charge of throwing a 12-year-old kidnapped child into the Gladbaker Garh, confessed to the murder after the abduction.

AVCC officials said that on January 6, 12-year-old Shahid was abducted from Saeedabad. The accused kidnapped Shahid for a ransom of Rs. 7 million.

Officials said that Shahid’s father was selling his two plots and wanted to get a big plot of Rs. 7 million by selling the plot. The matter reached Salman through the state agency and other sources. The arrested accused Salman lived in the area.

The AVCC said that 12-year-old Shahid Ali had identified the accused. The accused killed the child for fear of being identified. While demanding ransom, the accused also mentioned the sale of the plot.

The main accused Salman, arrested by the police, is under further investigation.

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