ISLAMABAD: A new twist has emerged in the payment of Rs.450 crore to a British private firm Broadsheet.

According to details, the Foreign Affairs Committee has raised its hand on the issue of payment by NAB to the British company Broadsheet, which traced the looted wealth of Pakistan.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly adjourned the scheduled meeting on January 18. The committee had taken notice of the matter a day earlier and had summoned NAB chairman Javed Iqbal on the broadsheet issue.

In the Nizam of Hyderabad case, Pakistan’s rejected claim of 35 million pounds was also on the agenda.

The committee directed the Foreign Secretary to provide details on policy matters, and the Secretary of Law and Justice was summoned for a briefing on legal matters.

It should be noted that another revelation has come out in the Bad Dashit case, an important letter of the Pakistan High Commission has come to light, which has raised questions on the NAB.

According to the letter, $28.7 million was withdrawn from the High Commission account used by the NAB for broadsheets, $26.15 million was in the account, and the remaining $2.55 million was sent overnight. The question is why the NAB had a huge amount of money in the account of the Pakistan High Commission? With whose approval was an additional $2.55 million sent in a matter of hours? And did the NAB inform the government of Pakistan about further payment?

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