ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has dissolved the market committees of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on complaints.

According to details, a meeting was held today under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister on the prices of essential commodities in which the Prime Minister decided to dissolve the market committees of Punjab and KP.

Sources said that the Prime Minister had received complaints of misgovernance and corruption, on which the market committees of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are being dissolved immediately, the Prime Minister and the participants of the meeting agreed. That the program of the market committees is not reliable.

According to sources, the Prime Minister said in the meeting that the people in the committee take bribes to make money, we will bring a system that can really control prices.

It was decided in the meeting that as a result of a transparent process, committees consisting of competent persons would be formed. Until the formation of committees, the responsibility would be handed over to the concerned district and tehsil administration.
Action will be taken against the concerned AC for non-compliance with the price list.

The meeting was attended by federal ministers and representatives of the provinces, in which the Prime Minister was briefed on the prices of food items across the country, and a report on actions taken against hoarding was also presented.

The Prime Minister said that our priority is to ensure the availability of goods and ensure reasonable prices, utility store management should ensure abundant availability of goods at all stores, national food security should focus on future needs.And complete the work of estimating things like wheat, sugar as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister also directed all the Chief Secretaries to ensure implementation of the price list and said that the dynamic and active role of the administration should be ensured. Prime Minister Imran Khan also ordered immediate action against the negligent officers.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh briefed on the Consumer Price Index. Hafeez Sheikh said that CPI has been recorded at 5.7% in January, CPI has been recorded at 8.2% from July to January, according to the data. There was a clear decline in the CPI. Hafeez Sheikh said that the prices of sugar, eggs, onions, etc. declined, while the prices of flour stabilized.

The meeting also gave a briefing on the release of government wheat by the government, reviewed the difference in prices at the wholesale and retail level and in different districts, the failure of market committees on the difference in prices between wholesale and retail. Marked.

Various measures to control sugar prices and Sugar Inquiry Report were also discussed. The briefing said that the process of installation of cameras in Sugar Mills would be expedited. Details of tax collected by FBR on sugar were also presented.

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