The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has decided to keep Pakistan’s name on the greylist until June, giving it another four months.

The FATF has released a report praising Pakistan’s actions. Officials say Pakistan did a great job on 24 of the 27 points.

FATF decission for Pakistan

According to FATF officials, Pakistan has done a great job in dealing with counter-terrorism. Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies have identified terrorism and taken full action.

The report said that Pakistan had stopped the movement of listed individuals and assets from one place to another while also taking into custody the assets of such listed individuals.

According to the report, Pakistan has adopted a comprehensive strategy on all action plans. And now the next FATF meeting will be in June 2021.

It may be recalled that in June 2018, the FATF added Pakistan to its gray list. Pakistan was given time till October 2019 to take necessary steps in this regard, which was later extended for another four months.

Following the FATF’s gray list, Pakistan has taken significant steps, including amendments to existing laws on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, including action and arrests against banned organizations. ۔

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