Lahore: Special Assistant Dr. Shahbaz Gul says that in the Democracy Index report, Pakistan’s rank has improved by 3 notches as compared to 2019 and 7 notches as compared to 2018.

According to the details, Special Assistant Dr. Shahbaz Gil in his message on social networking site Twitter said that Pakistan’s rank in the Democracy Index report has improved, Pakistan’s rank has improved by 3 notches compared to 2019, and Compared to the report of the year 2018, there was an improvement of 7 degrees while this year the scores of 38 countries all over the world improved, Pakistan is one of them.

Dr. Shahbaz Gil said that family limited parties used to distribute posts among themselves, decisions for looting were made in closed rooms, not a single member of PM Imran Khan’s family held government posts, they make decisions every week in the cabinet meeting.

The Special Assistant said that in the year 2020, Pakistan’s score was 4.31 and rank 105 while in 2019, Pakistan’s score was 4.25 and rank 108 and in 2018, Pakistan’s score was 4.17 and rank 112.

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